Wednesday, 31 March 2010

coax me out my love, sink into tomorrow.

it's a necessary evil, no cause for emergency. borrow the beak of a bald eagle.
i'm back from my wonderful 48hour trip to london. on friday night i was at sarah's 18th birthday party, and then jennifer picked me up and 6:50 on saturday morning, so i'm really very tired. i think it'll take about a week for me to fully recover.
london, arctic monkeys, train journeys. amazing, incredible, surreal. i really did have the best time with jennifer this weekend. the train journeys were hilarious, i don't think iv ever laughed so much in my life before. the gig was just indescribeable. it was at the royal albert hall (fancy fancy!) and we had the best possible view, choir seats indeed. oh oh oh, and we saw nick hoult. aka tony from skins series 1 and 2. arctic monkeys sounded amazing, as always and it was fun seeing peoples reactions to our scottish accents. :)

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  1. i've left you an award on my blog, feel free to come pick it up :)


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