Monday, 17 May 2010

we're the young, we're alright

i found some old photographs this morning that make me smile.
john lennon glasses? i was such a stylish kid aha :')
this is my most favourite picture ever. me, my cousins paul and antony and my grannie and grandpa

Sunday, 9 May 2010

i'm beggining to think i imagined you all along

bombarding yous with blog and outfit posts today, apologies.
i went back through to glasgow with ellie this afternoon so she could buy our friend lucy a birthday present. i decided to wear this:
striped oversize tee; urban outfitters, denim cut-off shorts; levi, striped tights; h&m
i found these little beauties in the horror that is primark!
leather belt; £1
floral sunnies; £1
i also gave into temptation and went back to debenhams to buy the h! by henry holland gladiator sandals. there are just some things i can't say no to..
hope you've all had a lovely weekend, like i have :)

h! by henry holland

i met henry holland yesterday, at the launch of his new line 'h! by henry holland' in glasgow. he is honestly the most lovely and genuine person i have ever met. just being in his presence was mind-blowing, he is my biggest inspiration.
this is what i wore:
stone coloured pocket tunic; topshop

black cardigan; topshop, striped black tights; h&m

i'd had a quick glance at the collection online one night, but never properly looked. henry talked us through his new line, trends to look out for this summer and how he got into fashion. it was really incredible to sit and listen to my favourite designer talk, as he stood only metres away from me. after henry signed us an autograph, took pictures and i managed to talk to him for about 10 minutes. he was really very lovely :')

iv picked a few of my favourites (trust me, i love so much more!) from the collection. i already bought the skull ring when we were waiting on henry arriving, and i'm making it my mission to have purchased the rest by summer.
i love the bright colour and patterns on the dress and i'd love to team the gilet, satchel and the retro sunnies together with a pair of denim shorts. mmm, i can't wait for summer.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

sorry iv been blog missing recently. iv been really ill, meaning i have no pictures to blog. i'll be back soon though. thanks for reading my blog, it means alot to me :')