Sunday, 27 June 2010

held my hand in your hand

it's been ever so sunny recently. iv spent as much free time sunbathing as i can, relaxing in my garden and enjoying the heat on my face, reading books from behind my sunglasses. and now that school is over, i can enjoy the next 7 weeks. yay!

so ever since that issue of vogue, where we seen alexa chung sporting those chanel clogs, iv been on the hunt for a pair myself. i raided tons of shops, tried on lots of pairs, and eventually settled for these ones from next. topshop are selling a pair much like the chanel ones, however they were slightly too high for me and not so easy to walk in. but i like the ones i bought :)

my plans for summer include a visit to london, attending t in the park music festival, going up north for a few days with jennifer, a few days by the seaside and many days of shopping.
i hope you all have a great summer too!

Saturday, 26 June 2010

remember to let her into your heart.

i went to see Paul McCarntey live, last sunday at hampden stadium, a once in a lifetime opportunity. it was honestly such an incredible night. i'm still so amazed that iv been in the presence of a Beatle!
i'll never ever forget standing in the stadium, hearing everyone sing along to the "na na na" of hey jude and let it be.

Monday, 14 June 2010

we get sand in our stilletos

my weekend consisted mainly of movies, movies, movies. on friday night i rented 'an education' and i absolutely loved it. seriously, i really recommend it. it made me want to live in the 60s. saturday i went out with all my family for lunch, then watched the new alice in wonderland with my mum, which was incredible too. then on sunday night i went to see 'death at a funeral' at the cinema, it was quite funny :)
this is what i wore to lunch on saturday..
denim shirt; next. black sequin dress; mango.
and my favourite shoes; topshop. they kill me, but i love 'em!

i'm not in school today, due to waking up at 2am this morning with this horrible pain/twisting feeling in my back. so instead, i'm tucked up in bed with a cup of tea and some dvds.

ordered a few things online at the weekend for my trip to london this summer, can't wait to show you guys my lovely buys :')

Saturday, 12 June 2010


bye bye blondie.

cellophane flowers of yellow and green

pictures from last friday with my lovely friends.

Friday, 4 June 2010

nothing comes close to the golden coast

i couldn't be happier with the weather in scotland right now.. i think i'm even starting to tan a little. bring on the summer :)
my day is going to consist simply of housework today, oh the joys. but on the bright side, my friends are coming over tonight, so iv got my cameras charged up and hopefully will have a bunch of pictures to blog tomorrow.
today i'm wearing..
flannel shirt; river island. black vest; topshop. denim shorts; levi.

i got a new eye the other day, and my eye, i mean camera. a nikon d5000. i was so excited when i took it out the box, its amazing! which means my camera collection now consists of a nikon, my little casio digital camera and a polaroid.

have a good weekend :)