Sunday, 7 March 2010

today was fucking awesome.

today jen decided we should go to glasgow, with only the tiniest bit of hope of meeting mcfly. however, we had only been on the train for 5 minutes when tom tweeted "sausage bap and triple shot cappuccino.. now a 4 hour train journey :(" which basically meant they were leaving. jennifer was so sad, all "fuck my life" and all this. anyway, we got to glasgow and decided to keep on hoping. we RAN from queen street to central station, me with blackberry in hand constantly refreshing twitter to see if they'd updated. we reached central station, only to realise we had no idea where we were going. we were down along the underground until we found the stairs to the "southbound" platforms. we were speed walking about looking in all the shops when i went "check m+s food, they always tweet about there!" we both looked towards the store when dougie suddenly walked out. we both immediatly stopped in our tracks, unable to move. as soon as i saw him, my legs began to shake to badly that i thought i was going to fall. he had a hat and sunglasses on with his head down, he actually looked quite sad. we stood, starstuck, and just let him walk right past us. then we looked back into the store only to see danny jones walk past the door with a basket of food in his hand! we hung around for a bit, then tom emerged and i quietly went "tom.. can we please have a picture?" he was so so lovely, putting his arms around us and apologising.. "im sorry im a bit smelly, iv not had a shower yet." so crazy! he asked if we were good, then said he had to go get his train. then danny came out and at the exact same time me and jen asked for a picture. he was "ayup, sure." and flung his arm around my shoulder. i actually couldnt beleive it. jen took a picture of me and danny then i moved away and he went to jen "get under my arm" and i took a picture of them. he then told us to have a nice day :):)
we then phoned our mums in histerics, voices so high pitched with excitment. after hanging up, we stood in the middle of central station hugging each other. straight after, we went to starbucks and then to boots to get our pictures developed. i cant even begin to explain how excited i was. we walked around the rest of the day in a complete dream.
seriously.. best. day. ever


  1. Your story was so adorable!. How lucky you are :) and i really like your blog style and everything!

    I live in argentina btw if you want to chat sometime > would be cool


  2. yeah, it was basically the single most best day ever. thank you very very much :)


thank you for your lovely words :)