Tuesday, 24 August 2010

you desired my attention but denied my affections.

i have been back at school for a week now and it's still as crap as it was before summer, but i'm glad to be starting my senior year. i hope to make the most of my last year of high school and try my best to enjoy it.
i went to the edinburgh festival with martin last night. we wandered around for a bit, then watched a few street acts. it was torrential rain, so we ended up utterly soaked, whilst standing watching a man play with fire. it was amazing to just watch him.. until he started singling me out from the crowd. it was a great night!
i've been working on my winter wish-list recently, although it appears to be growing larger and larger as each rainy day passes. hopefully i will be able to save up and purchase atleast a few on the many items that i am currently lusting over.. chunky knitted cardigans, patterned harem trousers, cosy wool hats and scarfs, colourful doc martens and duffle coats in natural tones.

and on that note, i'm away to watch the last ever big brother final. goodnight bloggers.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

feels like i'm falling and i'm lost in your eyes.

i feel like all i ever do on this blog is apologise for my lack of posts, and yet here i am again. iv been really ill the last week, and therefore haven't done very much but last night i realised i hadn't done a post on my london purchases yet. so here goes..
these are a few of the vintage pieces i bought, along with denim levis and sunglasses.
shirt with sleeves cut off; rokit. denim dungaree dress; pop boutique.
printed sweater; radiobot at topshop
i also went to rough trade and spent what felt like years of my life rummaging through the piles and piles of records. there were so many that i would love to buy, but i decided to just go for one-Mystery Jets, whom i absolutely adore.
today i spent the entire day in my bedroom, spring cleaning, or "summer" cleaning, if you wish. i recently bought a load of new things for my room, and eventually go around to putting them all out and re-arranging. my room looks so different now, i think i actually like it :)
i'm getting my hair dyed tomorrow and then i'm going to the zoo on friday with all my friends, so i will be sure to take my camera. also, i bought a disposable camera to track my summer and will scan/post the photographs from that when i get them printed. i can't wait to see them!