Sunday, 19 September 2010

my blood is singing with your voice.

london fashion week. oh, how i wish i was in london right now, attending fashion shows, dressed head to toe in my loveliest clothes. instead, i'm sat at home in my joggers with a cup of tea, catching up with fashion week via the internet. topshop unique s/s 2011 was particularly eye-catching, with it's chiffon dresses and bold colours that just scream spring/summer. i noticed a lot of tassles and fringing too, especially in that amazing pair of shoes (featured in quite a few of the looks posted below). definitely looking forward to s/s 2011 already, and embracing my inner hippie.
also, i'm admiring the use of stars and metallics, sported in the house of holland catwalk. henry holland has always been one of my favourites, and after meeting him earlier this year, i'm constantly in awe of the man. he is such a talented and creative genius.
i had planned this post around my most recent purchases, including a pair of edgy boots and beautiful wedges, however my camera ran out of battery once again and i'm having to wait until it's charged. so hopefully i will have some spare time tomorrow after school and be able to blog then. hope you're all enjoying london fashion week :-)

Sunday, 12 September 2010

you and your beautiful soul.

here it is: the predictable apology, for being 'blog-missing' yet again. i had a school emergency, which involved some of my artwork going missing, one week before the deadline. so yeah, i've been busy working on my artwork every night after school, but now it's all finished and i'm back.
here are the scans of some of the photograph prints i got from my disposable camera. i love them. each and every print turned out great, and holds a memory :')

i purchased yet another new lens for my nikon this week, and it got delivered this morning, so i shall be experimenting with that today and may post some photographs tomorrow.
have a lovely weekend, m'dears.