Monday, 14 June 2010

we get sand in our stilletos

my weekend consisted mainly of movies, movies, movies. on friday night i rented 'an education' and i absolutely loved it. seriously, i really recommend it. it made me want to live in the 60s. saturday i went out with all my family for lunch, then watched the new alice in wonderland with my mum, which was incredible too. then on sunday night i went to see 'death at a funeral' at the cinema, it was quite funny :)
this is what i wore to lunch on saturday..
denim shirt; next. black sequin dress; mango.
and my favourite shoes; topshop. they kill me, but i love 'em!

i'm not in school today, due to waking up at 2am this morning with this horrible pain/twisting feeling in my back. so instead, i'm tucked up in bed with a cup of tea and some dvds.

ordered a few things online at the weekend for my trip to london this summer, can't wait to show you guys my lovely buys :')


  1. the shoes are cool!!!
    love the outfit and your blog too :)

  2. ahh i think thats what im going to do today - it sounds like a good plan :) i love those shoes :D xx

  3. these are the shoes that made me look like a midget standing next to you! sad times. love the whole outfit :) x

  4. supercute outfit, and those shoes are amazinnngg, love love love

  5. i want those shoes.
    like. now. :)


thank you for your lovely words :)