Wednesday, 11 August 2010

feels like i'm falling and i'm lost in your eyes.

i feel like all i ever do on this blog is apologise for my lack of posts, and yet here i am again. iv been really ill the last week, and therefore haven't done very much but last night i realised i hadn't done a post on my london purchases yet. so here goes..
these are a few of the vintage pieces i bought, along with denim levis and sunglasses.
shirt with sleeves cut off; rokit. denim dungaree dress; pop boutique.
printed sweater; radiobot at topshop
i also went to rough trade and spent what felt like years of my life rummaging through the piles and piles of records. there were so many that i would love to buy, but i decided to just go for one-Mystery Jets, whom i absolutely adore.
today i spent the entire day in my bedroom, spring cleaning, or "summer" cleaning, if you wish. i recently bought a load of new things for my room, and eventually go around to putting them all out and re-arranging. my room looks so different now, i think i actually like it :)
i'm getting my hair dyed tomorrow and then i'm going to the zoo on friday with all my friends, so i will be sure to take my camera. also, i bought a disposable camera to track my summer and will scan/post the photographs from that when i get them printed. i can't wait to see them!


  1. Loving the denim Levi's. Great buy!!

  2. Loving the denim Levi's. Great buy!!

  3. great finds!! i really love the sweater with the tiger print :)

  4. oh wonderful buys.

    have fun at the zoo!

  5. Looks like you had a fab time shopping in London and sounds like you had a very productive day today xoxo

  6. oh, hello arctic monkeys! i love rough trade, i spend far too long in there...

  7. Hey,
    thanks for the comment :)
    Love these images - you're room looks so cool! I love proper records with cool album sleeves xxx

  8. Great buys, the sweater is so cool! Love the layout of your blog - its simple but really chic


thank you for your lovely words :)