Thursday, 15 July 2010

hold me close and say 3 words, like you used to do.

apologies for my utter lack of blogging as of late. i spent the weekend with jennifer at T in the Park, a music festival which turned out be be very very muddy and lots and lots of fun, and am now in London for the week with my parents. i shall post seperate blogs for both T and London when i return home, and until then i leave you with this photograph of me as a kiddie. haha, enjoy :)


  1. i am so jealous. i wanted to go to T in the park so bad. i need to move back to scotland D;
    did you get to see eminem? i might die if you did... (:
    hope you had a good time anyway, and enjoy london

  2. I saw T in the Park highlights on TV last night, you are so lucky to have gone!x

  3. I did, but only for a few songs as he was on at the same time as Mumford & Sons. I made sure I saw him with my own eyes though, aha.
    Yeah, T was really amazing :) x


thank you for your lovely words :)